CR100 Manual Override Crank Handle

CR100 Manual Override Crank Handle

In the event of a power failure a manual override facility is recommended for the main entrance of a building.  The crank handle facilitates the manual winding of the shutter into the raised position.

EYO100 Manual Override Eye Outlet

C100 Manual Override Crank Handle

The shaft inserts into the motor through a 10mm hole in the wall, enabling the shutter to be raised with the manual override crank handle.

UNI100 - Universal Manual Override outlet


The universal outlet provides a permanent manual override eyelet that is fastened to the wall.

BB100 - Battery Backup


200mm x 160mm x 450mm (h x w x d)

Battery backup for larger shutters – a battery backup solution will be recommended in order to enable entry to the building during a power failure.

FAI 100 Fire Alarm Interface Panel


181mm x 140mm x 80mm (h x w x d)

The Fire alarm interface is required in order to raise a shutter in the event of a fire, a health and safety requirement for every shutter over a fire exit.

MOBX100 - Manual Override Lockable Box.

MOBX100 - Manual Override Lockable Box

215mm x 70mm x 67mm (h x w x d)

Used to protect the Universal Manuel Override Eye Outlet in external applications, can be powder coated to any RAL colour, to suit building design.

MOLK100 - Key Locking Device for Manual Overrides

Key Locking Device for Manual Overrides

Facia Size: 62mm x 28mm (h x w)

Used as a key locking device to manual override systems, typically on 180C external hoodboxes. Supplied in silver with two keys.

KSBX100 - Lockable Key Switch Box

C100 Manual Override Crank Handle

Used to protect the universal manual override eye outlet in external applications can be powder coated to any RAL colour to suit building design.

RE4 - 4 Motor Group Controller

4 Motor Group Controller

490mm x 115mm x 44mm (h x w x d)

In order to operate up to 4 shutters from a single key switch a ‘4 Motor Group Controller’ would be required.