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New Build Offices

Case Study

Security is important to all commercial properties and this attractive new build office building was no exception. Security was required to all the ground floor openings to deter and prevent unwanted intruder access; and the savings on insurance premium that would result was very welcome.

A main feature of the building was the brickwork up to the first floor level; from where full height glazing then continued to the roof, and the angled brick sills to all the windows. It was important that any security measures didn't detract from this simple and affective architectural feature. Integr8 180LS security shutters where selected as the system did not affect the building design and is concealed from view when in the raised position. This created a welcoming building for employees than a visible bolt on shutter system.

The Integr8 180LS Security roller system is also available as standard in any RAL colour - this feature was used to great effect and the shutters are coloured to match the corporate colour. As this colour had also been used for the windows this further allowed the shutters to blend seamlessly into the design.