Integr8 SR

Integr8 SR product tested to
LPCB 1175, Issue 7

The first security shutters on the market to have passed LPCB Issue 7 testing, the most recent LPCB testing standards, to security rating SR2 and SR3. Available in both a built in concealed shutter solution and a bolt on retrofit options to cater for all security requirements and design eventualities.


Combined Lintel Shutter System for
Traditional New Build

A unique, innovative and integrated design solution incorporating a security shutter system within a structural lintel and cavity closer. When the shutter is raised, the window or door opening looks like any other structural opening. Lowered, it provides a secure barrier against intruders and vandalism.


Concealed Shutter System for SFS/Timber
Frame New Build

The Integr8 180BL offers an optimum solution for fast track build styles including timber frame, steel framed system and off site modular build. The system assists in addressing all aspects of thermal bridging, damp proofing and Building Regulation compliance.


Bolt on Shutter System for Existing Builds

The Integr8 180C is a retro-fit security shutter solution. The aluminium hood box and guide rails have a neat, compact design to minimise the visual impact on existing buildings. Because of its slimline finish the system is often chosen for internal as well as external retro-fit installations.


Bolt on Shutter System for Existing Builds

The Integr8 180V is a shutter design that is unique to Charter. The shutter rises vertically from a concealed base-mounted housing, providing unobtrusive security where integrated or surface fixing is not possible. The system is especially suitable for conservatories and glazed architectural features.


Horizontal Rooflight System for New Build

The Integr8 180R provides the ideal solution for rooflight security.

  • High security twin wall extruded aluminium profiles.
  • All aluminium is polyester powder coated to any standard RAL/BS colour or anodised.
  • Systems motorised with 5 year warranted motors with option for manual override facility.
  • All side guides incorporate brush seals to ensure a quiet operation.
  • Bottom rail sections incorporate slimline rubber gaskets to seal onto window/door sills.
  • Vissio 20 and Vissio 50 lath profiles available to allow vision and airflow.
  • Maintenance contracts and after sales care available.
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