Integr8 SR

Integr8 SR – Secured by Design Shutters

The Integr8 SR range is an independently tested and certified product to LPCB 1175, Issue 7. Tested under the stringent Loss prevention standard to securiy rating levels 2 and 3 the shutters are recognised by Secured by Design as a police preffered specification.

Secured by Design shutters certified to security rating 2 are rigourly tested to simulate an attack by a determined opportunist attacker in areas of high domestic riskusing bodily force and tools of a high mechanical advantage. The test to products under security rating level 3 are designed to stimulate a deliberate attack in a high commercial risk situation, by an experienced attacker using bodily force and wide selection of manual and powered tools.

The Integr8 SR range is based on the tried and tested mantra of concealed security. The Integr8 SR 180LS incorporates a structural lintel and is completely concealed from view when in the raised position, enhancing the building security without detracting from the building design. A bolt on version, the Integr8 SR 180C is also available for retro fit applications.

Unique to the Integr8 SR range is the LockDown technology. Incorporated into all Integr8 Secured by Design shutters, this means no secondary locking is required to the shutters guides, on either SR2 or SR3 ñ meaning the shutters can be used internally as first points of entry.

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  • Tested to LPCB 1175,
    Issue 7, Level 2 and 3
  • Issue 7 includes the most recent test procedures
    and is more secure than previous issue numbers.
  • Available as built-in,
    Integr8 SR 180LS, and
    bolt-on, Integr8 SR 180C
  • No secondary locking to
    the shutters guides, on either SR2 or SR3
  • Aluminium system ensures an aesthetic finish
  • Polyester powder coated
    and RAL/BS colour
  • Approved as a police preferred specification by Secured by Design
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